J Bov Explodes Rhetorically

Who’s This Guy?

This is the place where J Bov puts the stuff he doesn’t want to put on his Tumblr, and sometimes the stuff that he does. He’s got a Twitter, too, where brevity and often anger occur.

J Bov likes to think he’s a writer, but nobody has paid him for it yet, so it’s not official. He likes a vast range of music, films and television shows. He has opinions on things he sees on the news and sometimes they are quite strong.

He really likes Halloween, because he’s partially interested in special effects make-up. He has a scar on his left arm where he cut it on a water-slide in France. There’s one on his right hand from where he held a soldering iron without realising until he smelled his skin cooking.

He’s trying to think what else to write here at this very moment, although by the time you read it he’ll have thought of it and written it down.

That’s him there. He’s not normally in greyscale.


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