J Bov Explodes Rhetorically

It’s happening, it’s finally happening!

Oi! You lot! Look at this.

All I can say is it’s about time; finally people are looking into the viability of brain-computer interfaces. Science be praised.

Of course so far you have to ram electrodes into your brain to achieve much of anything, which you’d know if you’d read the article, you slovenly luddites. But the technology exists and that’s a start.

I imagine you will have seen the Star Wars branded ‘Force Trainer’ toy; the harder you concentrate the higher the ping pong ball in the tube will levitate. This is achieved by a chunky, goofy looking headset that detects and amplifies certain electronic activity in the brain, namely the impulses that increase as you focus on one object.

Here’s an idea for anyone who can implement this:
Use this technology in conjunction with the new technology mentioned in the article I linked to, streamline the headgear so it bears more resemblance to a bluetooth headset (make it comfortable to wear), make it wireless and market it towards extensive users of the internet.
I’ll even beta test it for free. See how generous I am?

The use of this tech in videogames could be unequivically the best thing since the analogue stick was introduced. Fuck the Wii’s pointless, impotent motion controls (what is the point if you don’t get physical feedback?), throw this into PC gaming. Suddenly a player’s skill is determined by the speed at which he or she can think, as opposed to how fast they can click.
Deathmatch on Call of Duty will suddenly be dominated by the most intelligent participants, as opposed to twitchy thirteen-year-olds who call you a ‘fag’ and other such genuinely offensive terms (most of them racist) in their ridiculous, high-pitched idiot voices because you aren’t as hyped up on sugar and idiocy as they are.

Obviously, this will probably never happen (while I’m alive at least, unless I’m a robot by then) and I’m painting an idealised view, or rather a self-aggrandising, ego-boosted, superiority complex flavoured fictional world.
Still it’s really very exciting that this type of thinking can occur without being called insane or a Future Wizard.

I just love that technology is getting ever closer to understanding how the finer controls of the human brain work and how to harness them to greater advantages than coming up with odd, wonderful and sometimes masturbatory fantasies (though far be it from me to decry their ability to do that) and it’s often just the pick me up I need; to know or find out that other people think this sort of thing is as important as I do.

Speaking of the important advances we’ve made as a species…
(Can I end a blog with a cliffhanger? Is that acceptable? Wait, I don’t care, I can do what I want. I’m…)
J.D. Bov