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Random Spatterings Spark Debate
26/08/2009, 4:34 PM
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There’s been a hullabaloo on the internet! Hands up if that sentence surprises you (aside from the term ‘hullabaloo’, obviously).

There have been arguments recently about Wikipedia’s article on the Rorschach Test, the infamous inkblot test administered to psychiatric patients, according to the New York Times. You see, nobody is supposed to know what the cards look like except the doctor who administers the test, to avoid preconception of answers or ideas; the test is supposed to take into account the first response the patient has to the image.
This argument, then, has been over whether or not to keep the image of the first inkblot test on the page, as doing so may decrease the effectiveness of the test.

Then James Heilman, an emergency room doctor from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in Canada, decided he would post all ten images on the Wikipedia article, saying

I just wanted to raise the bar – whether one should keep a single image on Wikipedia seemed absurd to me, so I put all 10 up. The debate has exploded from there.

Alongside the ten images, Heilman has also posted research data on the most prevalent responses to each.
It’s possible he may face disciplinary action, although this seems highly unlikely as he is not a psychologist himself.

The images were developed 90 years ago and as such are no longer under copyright in most countries.

Anywho, I thought I’d take the test myself and post my responses here for all to see and judge, so here goes:


Two classical style angels either high-fiving or leaning on each other like drunken Irishmen, engaged in song.


Two dogs facing each other, noses touching. Above that are two weird, red, alien-esque heads.


A person with a boombox checking their style in a mirror. In the center is a red butterfly. The higher red parts look a little like foetuses.


Some animal pelt or skin. Looks a little like a dragon at the bottom. A dragon pelt.


That’s a moth.


If you tilt your head left ninety degrees it looks like a boat with a canon that has only managed to fire a few feet (the top of the blot looks like the splash from the canonball). It is reflected in the calm waters.


Two pregnant women in headresses facing each other.


Lizards climbing a tree.


I see clouds and then some kind of firery gateway or bridge. It looks like a visual interpretation of a journey to heaven painted by an evangelist.


GAH! It looks like a rainbow burst!

That’s all of them.

Incidentally, Wikipedia’s article on the Rorschach Test can be found here.

If any budding psychologists want to tell me what all this means, feel free. In the meantime all this talk of Rorschach has given me a Watchmen craving, so I’m off to read comics.

Catch you later.
J “I’m not crazy” Bov.