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IS It Me Or Is Music Shit?
25/05/2009, 11:54 PM
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I’m listening to DeVotchKa.
I say I’m listening to DeVotchKa, it’s more that they’re happening while I do other stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like them, they’re great but they’ve got this syndrome that music has picked up since the millenium. It just exists. Certain pieces of music I will listen to properly; actually sit or lie down and do nothing but listen to it. Certain music just seems to happen while I perform certain tasks. It’s content, not music.

It’s such a shame, and maybe I’ll spend some quality time with this DeVotchKa album (How It Ends, if you cared). So far though it’s all been quite similar to itself and we’ve heard the kind of folkish foreign music so often it’s kind of dull now. Gogol Bordello is to blame, but also to some degree are the Arcade Fire and if we really want to take it back, I blame the Polyphonic Spree. Their music was good and I like it a lot, but it just sort of floats around in the air and tell us nothing and asks us nothing and then it’s over.

I have no segway into this, but I’ll try to tag it on the end:
Originality seems to have vanished from modern music, which is why I’ve recently turned to jazz to get my fix. Thursday night has become Jazz Night for me and a few friends. We go to the local jazz bar, possibly after having suited up and enjoy some good quality music by live artists. Last week was some very epic free jazz that was a joy to hear. Talented musicians actually playing instead of backing up a terrible singer.

You know what else gets my goat? Pop stars claiming to be rock musicians. Pink is the main culprit, but so many do it.
You’re pop. You are no better than Westlife and Britney Spears. You are not rock. Zeppelin and Sabbath were rock. Wolfmother tried, bless ’em. (I once asked someone what they thought of Wolfmother, they said “Zeppelin and Sabbath already happened”. Burn).

Aside from all this; how am I? I finished my first year of Uni and am currently enjoying my free time, a lot of which is being spent in The Strip Comics, my friend’s comic shop that opened in my home town recently. I’ve fallen in love with comics like never before and am really looking forward to Blackest Night. Which will be epic.

Anyway, adieu.